Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I opened an Etsy shop just over a month ago, I made my first sale through the web site this morning! How cool is that. I have a number of items for sale, all hand made.

A week ago I found I had used up all my jewelry components and needed to order more. Whilst waiting for the order to arrive my fingers began to itch for more making. Looking around my studio my eyes alighted on 2 ostrich eggs and 2 emu eggs that were given to me a couple of years ago.

The person who gave the eggs to me is constantly asking me if I've done anything with them, soooo I thought, now is as good a time as any.

I've never carved an ostrich egg before, a little research was in order before I put the dremel to the egg! I searched all over the net to see what egg carvers are doing and then decided I would design with reference to Charles Rennie Mackintosh as I'm a lover of all things Mackintosh!

I had been warned about the mess involved in egg carving but I don't think I quite grasped the fineness of the powder resulting from carving, or it's ability to invade every orifice on me and around me, luckily I had the foresight to use a mask!

I designed and drew and carved for over 6 hours. This is the result!
I think I may need a lot more hours to finish this. I'll blog more and update pictures when I get that far!


  1. My family and I MIGHT PERISH if we don't get to see, hold, examine one of your magnificent EGGS! Any plans to sell/take orders? If so, Dibs onthe first available! You are AMAZINGLY , Enormously TALENTED. Should I try and find you more Eggs to carve? Are they hard to find? How can we help!! WHAT A GIFT YOU HAVE/ARE!

  2. I do apologise for not replying to you, I'm an artist not an internet technophile and I forgot that people can leave comments on here.
    At the moment this the one and only egg carving by me and it remains unfinshed. my husband and I have a seasonal business so my time is restriceted during the summer. Also I am fearful of breaking it. I do plan to finish it, carve more and sell them it's just a question of time and courage.
    I have a friend who raises Ostriches so the supply of eggs is not a problem but thanks for the offer.
    All I can say is 'watch this space'.